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Lavender Shower Steamer

Lavender Shower Steamer

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Shower steamers are a perfect aromatherapy for those stuffy days or days where you just want to calm, sooth and relax.

I am a mom of three and some days you just need this little cutie to help relieve the stress and calm your soul. Moms, you know what I am talking about! When you think you're all done with your house duties,  your child or children decides to have markers all over their faces, arms and legs-because writing on paper is not normal! Moms, get yourself one and enjoy with a bottle of wine!

Perfect for fall/winter.

Great addition to any gift.


Place shower steamer on the floor of the shower where water can easily get to it but not melt it too quickly. For better results leave closest to you but not where it will get too wet. The water will activate the steamer and the steam will carry the aroma from the essential oils throughout your shower.

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, cornstarch, mentholated crystals and essential oils, water