Diana's Candles and Soaps specializes in handmade products without the harsh chemical toxins. We only use phthalate free fragrance oils which means is there are no plastic or metal synthetics in our scents. We carry products that are made with essential oils. Our products are also made without sulphates and parabens.

After battling health and skin issues, I decided to look a little deeper into how my favorite products were made. We were only using Irish Spring and Dove, which I am sure many of you love as well. We would buy candles whenever we saw a great sale or a scent that caught our senses.

After researching how these products were made and ingredients that were being used. I chose to take control and started making my own candles and soaps. I fell in love with the entire process.

I hope my products bring you as much joy and happiness as I have when making them.

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