About Us

Hi All,

My business Diana’s Candles & Soaps is based in Waterbury, Connecticut where I have three wonderful kids and when I’m not running crazy behind them I make phenomenal products like soy candles, bath bombs, soaps and scrubs.


I have an absolute love for candles, I use them year round. After my third was born she started experiencing respiratory issues at nine months old. Thank God they were not life threatening however, it was still difficult as a mother to see my child going through these issues. My husband has always suffered from asthma, though some seasons are worse than others. After lots of research and doctors visits, I realized that my store bought candles were contributing to their health issues.

Candles, I said to myself, are one of the most enjoyable things for a crazy mom like me. I use them to relax after I clean and especially after I finish cooking strong foods like Indian curry. I started looking up alternative wax melts but those also carried toxic chemicals. I started looking up non-toxic candles, then the clouds moved and the sun came through and introduced me to soy wax candles. I felt so relieved I wanted to do a happy dance. I looked up suppliers that carried them, but as a mom of three on a budget I was dismayed when I saw the prices. I felt as though nothing was on my side, so I decided to look into how they were made.

I could have kicked myself for not learning this technique earlier. The scents were so pleasant and they didn’t irritate my daughter’s respiratory issues or my husband’s asthma. My family and friends started requesting candles from me and before I knew it, I was making batch after batch. I decided to sell them at affordable prices because everyone deserves to have good quality products for a reasonable cost.


I suffer from Psoriasis and my youngest suffers from Eczema. I know, she’s the unlucky one to have it all, just kidding. I’ve been seeing my dermatologist for over a year now who’s prescribed four different topical creams. Each time they work for a few months and then my skin begins to tolerate the ingredients and, they stop working - story of my life. I was advised by my pediatrician to use an oatmeal bath for my daughter. I went to the pharmacy and looked at the ingredients it’s made with, I wasn’t surprised that I didn't recognize 95% of them, I was upset!!

I didn’t want to use store bought products with tons of filler ingredients so I looked for ways that would help and not harm us. I found that bath bombs were made with essential oils, which were calming and skin nourishing. Bath bombs, I thought to myself, what in the world is this? How does this thing work? Will it help? Is it just a gimmick? I then proceeded to study them and how to make them.

Now, bath bombs DO NOT cure these skin issues. But they do soothe them when they’re at their worst.

I started making a few to try out. I ended up using it on all of the kids, different oils for different reasons. When I wanted to relax them before bed, I used the lavender oil scented bath bomb. When they fell ill, I used the sinus relief bath bomb; it’s like a vapor bath, with the exception that you can pronounce the ingredients…lol.

My first experience using one was admittedly a little weird. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I actually took a bath. Being a mom of three it was what was fast, quick and most effective. I filled up my tub and placed the bath bomb in (it was lavender scented). I was amazed at the show it put on. I couldn't believe I made that. I soaked for 30 minutes and came out feeling so calm. My skin felt the softest in years, it was full of moisture. I was in heaven. I now use them twice a week.

My husband had his first experience and loved it, if it was up to him he would use one everyday.

Overall, they work wonders for our family. I love that they’re made with ingredients that I use regularly.

Friends and family members would shop at body stores, but after realizing that places like that use unnecessary chemicals, they were so excited when I added bath bombs to my products.

I am always researching new products that will benefit my family as well as others. So please do check back for new additions.

All of my products are tested on my family first before I sell them.

I hope you and your family enjoy my products!!

Thank you very much for visiting and hope you do stop by again.